Rural households

Katun Mokra

The Katun Mokra farm welcomes its guests with comfortable accommodation, offering the possibility of organizing horse riding tours for all lovers of this activity, regardless of the level of experience.


The rural household "Janković" is located in the area of ​​the village of Brskut, on the slopes of the Mala Rijeka canyon.

Kuća vina Bogojević

The rural household "Bogojević Wine House" is located in Lješanska nahija, in the town of Staniseljići, which has a long and rich winemaking tradition.

Kuća Popović

The rural household "Kuća Popović" is located in Kučki Coriti, half an hour's drive from Podgorica.


The rural household "Laković" is located in the village of Lekići, which is a few kilometers from the center Podgorica, in the valley of the rivers Sitnica and Morača.

Komanska utjeha

The rural household "Komanska utjeha" is located in Komani, only 15 kilometers from Podgorica.

Vinarija Rajković

"Vinarija Rajković" is located in the village of Ubli, 17 km from the capital city, and is primarily engaged in growing grapes and their processing - production of wine and brandy.