Cultural monuments

Old Town and Clock Tower

The Old Town was the core of Podgorica during the Ottoman period (1474-1879) in terms of the city's urban and architectural forms, customs, way of life, and oriental characteristics.

The Palace Complex on Kruševac

It is located in the most beautiful part of Podgorica, in the Kruševac park, along the Moraca River.

Kuslev’s House

The house belonged to Dr. Hristo (Risto) Kuslev, a dentist, who came to work in Montenegro after completing his studies in 1908.

Hamam/Turkish bath

The old hamam (bathhouse) was built in the Oriental style during the Ottoman period.

The Čubranović House

Probably the oldest 'surviving' medieval house is the Čubranović house, near the Clock Tower.

Sastavci and Stone Bridge

This beloved romantic spot is particularly cherished by the people of Podgorica, with younger generations affectionately referring to it as Skaline.