Museums and galleries

Kuslev’s House

The house belonged to Dr. Hristo (Risto) Kuslev, a dentist, who came to work in Montenegro after completing his studies in 1908.

Marko Miljanov Museum

The Marko Miljanov Museum was opened in 1971.

Modern Gallery

Within the framework of the Modern Gallery, works have been collected and exhibited that best illustrate the development of modern art, as well as the most significant artistic directions and influences that occurred in Montenegrin art in the second half of the 20th century.

Risto Stijović Gallery

The Rista Stijović Gallery (1894-1974), the largest Montenegrin sculptor and founder of modern art in Montenegro, was founded in 1970 and since 2018 has been located in his birthplace, in Old Town.

Art Gallery

The Gallery of Art is located in the strict center of the city.

Natural History Museum of Montenegro

In the exhibit hall of the Natural History Museum of Montenegro, a permanent exhibition titled "When Nature Speaks" was opened in 2019, which presents a unique representation of stones, minerals, as well as fossil and recent representatives of the living world from the area of Montenegro.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Located in the most beautiful part of Podgorica, in the park on Kruševac, along the Moraca River.

Gallery Center