Tourist guide

The capital city of Podgorica is the administrative, university, cultural, and economic center of Montenegro. It is situated on five rivers: Morača, Zeta, Ribnica, Cijevna, and Sitnica, surrounded by three lakes: Skadar Lake, Bukumir Lake, and Rikavac Lake, and with 15 mountain peaks over 2000 meters above sea level in the hinterland. Its exceptional geographical position, mild Mediterranean climate, good transportation links to the coastal (50 km) and mountainous regions (50 km), and relatively short distances to airports – Podgorica Airport (12 km), Tivat Airport (81 km), Dubrovnik Airport (153 km) – make Podgorica a prime tourist destination. Podgorica is characterized by diverse flora and fauna, as well as an abundance of green areas and parks. The city is known for its rich gastronomy, combining national and Mediterranean cuisine, and a varied selection of wines. It hosts numerous cultural, theatrical, cinematic, and sports events and international festivals.

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