Ostrog Monastery

The monastery is located along an almost vertical cliff, high on the Ostroška greda mountain, in the area between Danilovgrad and Nikšić. The monastery was built by Saint Vasilije Ostroski in 1665. Saint Vasilije Ostroški was born as Stojan Jovanović in the village of Mrkonjići, Popovo polje, near Trebinje in Herzegovina to mother Ana-Anastasia and father Petar Jovanović, according to tradition, on December 28, 1610, in a family of Herzegovinian peasants. The monastery is located at an altitude of 900m, in a natural cave that was used as his hermitage by the monk and Metropolitan Vasilije of Zahum-Herzegovina in the second half of the 17th century. Saint Vasilije Ostroski is considered a great miracle worker and healer.

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