Biogradsko lake

Lake Biograd is the largest mountain lake in Montenegro. It is located on the mountain Bjelasica, 16 km northeast of Kolašin. It is 4 km from the main road Kolašin-Mojkovac. With its wooded surroundings, it forms the most beautiful part of the Biogradska Gora National Park.

When it is at its highest water level, it is 875 m long, 410 m wide, 12 m deep, and its area is 270,000 m². In times of drought, the level drops to 6 m. Lake Biograd is of glacial origin and belongs to the group of reservoir lakes. From the cirques, the glacier descended from the highest parts of Bjelasica through the valley of the Biogradska river, and the moraine material was carried up to 1,000 meters above sea level. The wave was blocked with this material, and the lake was created. The lake is filled with water by the Biogradska river (8 km long) and the Bendovac stream, and the lake’s islands are Jezerštica, the right tributary of Tara. The destruction of the island and the appearance of an abyss at the bottom of the lake threaten its survival. During cold winters, the water freezes (30-60 days). Tourist facilities and a fishing village have been built next to the lake, and the area is known for its favorable conditions for rest and recreation.

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