The festival “Film Dreams – Audience Choice”

The direct and active creators of the magazine “Film Dreams – Audience Choice” for the eighth year in a row are the viewers of the film program at the KIC “Budo Tomović”, who have this time selected three very popular films.

The drama “Marvin’s Room” (1996) about estranged sisters who reconnect after 20 years of disagreement will be shown on the first day of the festival. In this powerful drama infused with humor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Robert de Niro star. The film has been nominated for numerous awards, including an Oscar nomination won by Diane Keaton for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and a Golden Globe nomination won by Meryl Streep for Best Supporting Actress.

Part of the festival will also include the action comedy “Bandits” (2001) starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett. The most famous bank robbers hope to finance their retirement dream through a series of heists. Ravaging from Oregon to California and leaving horrified bankers in their wake, both robbers fall in love simultaneously with their victim. The film won three film awards and received five nominations.

The American biographical drama “The Social Network” (2010), based on the book by Ben Mezrich, is planned for the end of the festival. The film provides a study of the creation and early days of Facebook, founded in 2004. Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of the founder of the largest social internet network, Mark Zuckerberg, while Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake play his associates Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker. It won three Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Best Original Score (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross), and Best Film Editing (Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall).

Screenings of the films will be organized from July 8th to 10th in Dodest Hall, starting at 8 PM, and admission is free.

CIC Budo Tomovic

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