The performance “We tried, watch”

The repeat performance of the play “We tried, watch” of Dodest’s acting workshop will be organized on Sunday, June 9, in the Dodest hall, from 8 p.m. The play, based on the motifs of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” (Brothers Grimm), was directed by the actor Sejfo Seferović, and the actors in the play are: Monika Paljaj, Elena Bjelanović, Maša Pejović, Matija Đukić, Hana Ahmetović and Staša Bjelanović. “Dodest’s Acting Workshop” continuously explores and examines theater boundaries thanks primarily to young and curious enthusiasts who are expertly and thoroughly led from year to year, from decade to decade by the actor of the City Theater from Podgorica, but also an old member of the famous DODEST, Sejfo Seferović . As we are used to, this year “Dodestovci” bravely entered into the research of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, and pushed the boundaries of reading, so we will see on stage a postmodern play or a contemporary adaptation of what could have been, and not what was in the fairy tale, that we paraphrase the father of drama, Aristotle. However, it is not an adaptation for the sake of adaptation and populism, but an extremely creative process of writing and directing, which deal with delinquency and the challenges of the new age, which are traps for young people. Thus, we will see a contemporary drama on stage that will ask questions, but also answer where this “young world” is going and where it can end. Of course, there are alternatives, but this theater troupe does not deal with that, but with causes and consequences, which are never, in any era, easy for one person to grow up in, especially in transition and post-transition societies whose children are our characters and anti-heroes. KIC “BUDO TOMOVIĆ”

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