Performance “Confessions”

After a very successful series of guest performances throughout Montenegro, the play “Confessions” will be performed again in Podgorica on Friday, May 17, in the large hall of the KIC “Budo Tomović” from 8 p.m. The adaptation to the direction of the play, which was inspired by the novel “The Lonely One” by Ežena Ioneska, is signed by the actor Slavko Kalezić, who in the play plays a partner game with the actress Vanja Jovićević. The piece is realized by KIC “Budo Tomović” in co-production with the NGO Crnogorska fabrika umjetnosti – Danilovgrad. It is a play that deals with the meaning of existence of a modern man who is pressed by difficulties such as alienation, the impossibility of interpersonal communication and depression, but also threatened by social disasters and social inequalities. The time we live in imposes a disturbed system of values ​​and constant struggle is inevitable. Actress Vanja Jovićević and actor Slavko Kalezić have created a theatrical world that will surely touch every individual who finds themselves in the auditorium. Tickets for 5 euros can be purchased at the KIC ticket office, and the reservation number is 020 664 237. KIC “Budo Tomović”


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