Concert of Folk Ensemble “Budo Tomović”

Fans of traditional folk dances will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the concert that the “Budo Tomović” Folk Ensemble, on the occasion of seventy-eight years of successful existence and promotion of Montenegrin tradition and culture, will give on June 7, on the big stage of the KIC, at 8 p.m. The ensemble will present itself to the Podgorica audience by performing well-known cofeographies, among which are Montenegro, Boka, Vrsuta, a set of games from Montenegro, Gusinje and Rožaje, Leskovac, a set of games from Serbia, Wallachian Games, Gypsies, Pastirica, Šopske, Vranje and Šokačke Games. The folklore ensemble “Budo Tomović” has been recognized all these years as a representative ambassador and promoter of Montenegrin tradition and culture. For almost eight decades, he has represented and promoted the richness, diversity and beauty of the folk dances of Montenegro and the region through dance and song throughout Europe and the world. There are no more free tickets to give away. More info – Boris Milunović, ensemble assistant 067 254 540


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