The exhibition “Perfect Moment” in the Art Gallery

The exhibition "The Perfect Moment", by Mark Crnobrnja, will be opened on Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m., in the Art Gallery. The curator of the exhibition is art historian Ljiljana Karadžić. At the "Perfect Moment" exhibition, sculptures and reliefs from different phases of Marko Crnobrnja's creativity will be displayed. The thematic framework of the works is related to the processes of growing up and maturing, from early childhood to adolescence. The most diverse situations that children go through, from facing prohibitions, curiosity, elation, confusion with the unknown, play, spontaneous reactions, they become receptive, because they are well known to everyone, experienced or could have happened in the childhood of every adult. A special quality is given to the sculptures by the warm, organic materials wood and terracotta, which the artist uses with a strong sense of their substantiality. The works of Marko Crnobrnje, seemingly simple, like hand-made children's toys, are essentially complex, because at the same time they emit a feeling of love, they become an educational tool, and with their form they affirm the classical and aesthetic values ​​that every good work of art should have. The exhibition will last until June 17.

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