We are pleased to invite you to Craft Fest Montenegro – the first gathering of domestic craft brewers in Podgorica, which promises to become traditional! This event is not only an opportunity to enjoy excellent beer creations, but also a kind of ode to Montenegrin brewing, attracting the attention of both local enthusiasts and tourists from the entire region. At the heart of this beer festival will be ten beer producers from Montenegro such as Paun, Podgoričko, Mammut, Akademija, Barba Niko, Bold and others, who will proudly present over 50 different types of beer, each with its own unique taste and character. . Craft Fest Montenegro will not only be a place where you can try fantastic beers. It will also be the first “Buy local” festival, emphasizing the importance of supporting local producers and artists. The offer will exclusively contain products from Montenegro, and only local performers will perform on stage, further strengthening our local culture and identity. Join us on Independence Square, on the plateau between the National Library and the Assembly of the Capital City in Podgorica from June 13 to 16, from 12 noon to midnight, and be part of this beer revolution! Lovers of good beer will have the opportunity to enjoy the latest beer trends, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and energy that is indisputable. Entry is free! Come to enjoy together and celebrate domestic production in the best light! See you at Craft Fest Montenegro!

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