Podgorički Pazar recorded the highest attendance and the best program so far this year

With the performance of Šukrija Serhatlić and the Forte Band on the square near the Clock Tower, and Nemanja Petrović on the Square of St. Peter Cetinje, last night the event Podgorički Pazar, which has been the central gathering place for the past more than 40 days and delighted tens of thousands of citizens and visitors of our city, was closed.  The organization was quite demanding, but we managed to meet all the challenges, so Podgorica had an atmosphere to remember during the holidays this year. Please note that this year Podgorički Pazar was held in three locations – the houses were arranged, except for Independence Square and Bećir bey Osmanagić Square and St. Peter Cetinjski Square, and the capital city provided a total of 64 prefab buildings for these needs, completely free of charge.  The program was more than diverse, which is best expressed by the impressions of the citizens. We are particularly pleased that we enabled local performers and groups to perform within the event, so the Montenegrin music scene was particularly affirmed, and over 80 local performers and bands performed. On the other hand, our guests were artists from the region, so the citizens enjoyed the performances of Tijana Bogićević, Marko Louis, Ida Prester, Kikij Lesendrić… there were also regional ensembles – performers of old town music from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia … After a long time, Podgorica had an organized New Year’s Eve at the Independence Square, when we recorded the attendance of thousands of citizens and visitors. We would like to thank everyone who shared the joy at the Market with us, and the sponsors who made a significant contribution to the organization, namely the companies One, CKB banka, Lutrex, Jumbo, TC Big Fashion, Capital plaza and all other friends of the event. We believe that the Market will continue to grow year after year and that it will become a traditional event by which our city will be recognized, among other things. The new city administration listens to the needs of the citizens, so they are already thinking about organizing the Bazaar in the spring as well, which we consider important for the revival of the city center and the creation of a rich offer and promotion of Podgorica as a city of cultural events, which is not only a transit place for tourists, but a city that really has something to offer. to offer in every sense. 

Source: https://podgorica.me/podgoricki-pazar-ove-godine-zabiljezio-najvecu-posjecenost-i-najbolji-program-do-sada/

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