Radević Estate Winery

On the estate of Radević, the philosophy and approach to producing high-quality wines is simple, respecting twenty-six generations of traditional winemaking roots, while simultaneously embracing the sensibility and technology of the new world in the vineyard and winery.

Ćetković Winery

The Ćetković Winery with great respect preserves the spirit of the past, when vineyards were a symbol of life, prosperity, and continues the tradition of their ancestors.

Rajković Winery

Rajković Winery is a family winery dedicated to the art of producing outstanding wines.

Bogojević Winery

Vineyard cultivation and wine production are a family tradition of this household.

Vukićević Winery

In a valley known for centuries for its vine cultivation and wine production, at the heart of old Montenegro, there is a special story from the place of Beri, on the slopes of the Lješanska nahija region.

Vučinić Winary

The wines are produced from grapes from the family-owned vineyards of the Vučinić family.

Krgović Winery

The Krgović Winery is located in the Podgorica region, about 4 kilometers north of the city center, at an altitude of 45 meters above sea level in the village of Rogami, near the ancient site of Duklja.

Miranović Winery

The Miranović family winery is located in Donji Kokoti. The area is known for its good vineyards and excellent wines.

Đukić Winery

The Đukić family has a vineyard that covers around 6,000 square meters with a vine of over 40 years old.

Bojanović Winery

The Bojanović Winery is located in Beri, near Podgorica, and specializes in producing high-quality red wine and rakia.