Ostrog Monastery

The monastery is located along an almost vertical cliff, high on the Ostroška greda mountain, in the area between Danilovgrad and Nikšić. The monastery was built by Saint Vasilije Ostroski in 1665.


The town is located in the karst field with the same name, in the southern part of the country, at the foot of the Lovćen mountain, at an altitude of 670 meters.

Biogradsko lake

Lake Biograd is the largest mountain lake in Montenegro. It is located on the mountain Bjelasica, 16 km northeast of Kolašin.

National Park Skadar Lake

One of the most important tourist resources in Montenegro and Podgorica. The abundance of flora and fauna, cryptodepression, and habitat of rare endangered bird species such as the wild pelican, make it unique in the region and beyond.

Bukumirsko Lake

Bukumirsko Lake is a glacial lake in the Kučko region, in the eastern part of Montenegro. It covers an area of 19,320 square meters.

Rikavačko Lake

Rikavčko Lake is located in the Kučki Mountains, near the summit of Žijovo (2,131 meters above sea level), on the border with Albania.