Viewpoint on the Trijebač hill

The Trijebač Viewpoint and Monument on Trijepč are popular tourist attractions in Podgorica, attracting visitors with their natural beauty and significance for the history and culture of Montenegro.

From this viewpoint, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the city, the Moraca River, and the surrounding mountains and valleys, visitors can enjoy a unique opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Montenegro.

At the top of the viewpoint stands the Monument on Trijepč, dedicated to the fighters of the Montenegrin National Liberation War during World War II. The monument represents a symbol of bravery and loyalty to the fighters who fought for the freedom and independence of the country, and it is an important part of Montenegrin history and culture.

This tourist destination represents a combination of natural beauty, history, and culture, making it an unavoidable stop for all visitors who want to explore the beauty of Podgorica and Montenegro.

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