Sport and Recreational Zones

Due to the pleasant climate throughout the year, Podgorica is an ideal place for outdoor sports activities. Mount Ljubović, as well as numerous sports and recreational zones in Tološi, Zlatice, Star Airfield, with trim trails, sports polygons, outdoor fitness areas, table tennis tables, and fenced and illuminated green areas, make up a paradise for recreation enthusiasts. At the foot of Mount Gorica, there is a Stadium of Small Sports, formerly known as the Polygon, which has been a cult site for fans of small football since the 1960s. This terrain has been where children of former world football stars Dejan Savićević and Predrag Mijatović used to play football every day. The Stadium of Small Sports, rebuilt in 2020, has also gained a basketball court named after Goran Poliu Bojanić, a long-time successful player and coach of Budućnost, as well as a grandstand with over 2,500 seats.

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