Sastavci and Stone Bridge

This beloved romantic spot is particularly cherished by the people of Podgorica, and with younger generations affectionately referring to it as Skaline. The old stone bridge, located at the mouth of the Ribnica River into the Moraca River, is believed to date back to the Roman era, and is the oldest one in Podgorica. According to available records, this bridge is one of the few remaining remnants of an ancient Roman city that once existed in this area. The older residents of Podgorica also call it Sastavci Bridge, as the area around the mouth of the Ribnica River was known as Sastavci. The bridge is built from a single arch and is only a few meters high. It is believed to be made of river stone and has always been a popular gathering spot for lovers, a place for young and old to come together and enjoy the pleasant natural surroundings by the river during warm summer months.

Watching the sunset from the “Podgorica Bridge” is something that cannot be forgotten.

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