Red Rock Fortress and Magara Cave

Professor Dr. Jovan Petrović and his team (M. Mijušković, M. Iličković, P. Radusinović, and M. Vukčević) first explored the Magara cave in 1965. In addition to this research, a group of speleologists and representatives from the former Executive Council of Montenegro, SO Titograd, and the Republic Institute for Nature Protection visited the cave and created a sketch of it at a scale of 1:2000. Due to its biological and speleological values, the cave was declared a national nature monument in 1968. Magara Cave is located at the foot of Velje Brdo, near the village of Tološi, close to Podgorica. The entrance is about 15 meters above the level of the surrounding field, at an elevation of 40 meters above sea level, and is easily visible from the road. The cave is 220 meters long.

The remains of the Red Rock fortress are a cultural-historical monument of the Podgorica municipality. It is located on the Lužnica site, 6 kilometers south of the city, on the slope of an elevation (229 meters above sea level) above the villages of Mareza and Tološi, leaning against the Tološko Polje and Lješkopolje. The battlements are elipsoid-shaped, with a north-west to south-east orientation. The circumference is approximately 150 meters, with varying degrees of preservation, ranging from 1 to 4 meters in height and 1.1 to 1.5 meters in thickness.

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