Bukumirsko Lake

Bukumirsko Lake is a glacial lake in Kuči area, in the eastern part of Montenegro. It covers an area of 19,320 square meters. It is 210 meters long, 130 meters wide, and up to 16.8 meters deep. The length of the lake’s shoreline is 585 meters. It is located on the northern slope of the Žijovo mountain, at an elevation of 1,448 meters. The lake is fed by rainfall and snowmelt. The water level in the lake has minor fluctuations of ±1 meter. The water in the lake is alkaline.
About 15% of the surface of Bukumirsko Lake is covered with lush barberry vegetation, which is expanding. The lake is a habitat for the Montenegrin alpine newt (Triturus alpestris montenegrinus), an endemic species.

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