Ljubović Hill

Ljubović (101 meters) is a hill located near the center of Podgorica, specifically a limestone crest overgrown with pine trees and natural grasses and medicinal plants. It is also a park forest and a popular recreational area. The hill is surrounded by the settlements of Zabjelo to the west, south, and east, and Stara Varoš to the north. The significance of the hill has changed throughout history. In the 20th century, the hill was reforested, along with Gorica Hill. The recreational area has walking and cycling trails, furniture, and green areas, and there is a modern road  connecting the most important points for walking, sports, and recreation. It is attractive to visitors throughout the year. The road is not accessible by motor vehicles. Although hills of this type are generally flat, each one has a specific direction, and Ljubović stretches from northwest to southeast. In the relief, despite good reforestation, limestone blocks are clearly visible on the eastern and northern sides of the hill, where limestone erosion has had the greatest impact. There is also a small cave on the northern side of the hill.

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