Gorica Hill and Adventure Park

Gorica Hill is located in close proximity to the center of Podgorica, and it’s a very popular recreational destination, making it a paradise for recreation enthusiasts. There is a Partisan Warrior Memorial, an Adventure park, walking, cycling, and triathlon trails, as well as a Mediterranean garden where visitors can get acquainted with a significant number of endemic species. From the hill, one can enjoy a stunning view of the right side of the Morača River, as well as the contours of the Millennium Bridge. It’s attractive to visitors throughout the year, but especially during the hot summer days when people in the capital of Montenegro are looking for shade and clean air.

In recent years, more and more people have been using Gorica as a place to improve their physical condition through various sports and recreational activities. Being in nature is therapeutic, especially in forests like the pine forest on Gorica, and it has been proven that pines emit chemical substances called fiticides that purify (sterilize) the air. This is reflected in the health significance of Gorica for the human body. The hill is a natural shield against the north wind in winter.

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