Welcome to Podgorica and fall in love with the city of natural diversity and contrasts, but at the same time dynamic and urban with a rich cultural heritage and modern architecture.

It is characterized by the harmony of traditional and modern architectural styles and harmony in a mix of old and new. Podgorica is the city you will carefully explore and experience in many ways. You will enjoy getting to know the capital of Montenegro and its rich cultural heritage, archaeological sites like Doclea and Medun, or the Old town, Clock tower, Ribnica fortress. Also, do not miss the chance to discover the natural attractions and majestic river canyons of the rivers Moraca and Cijevna, the magic mountain camping, recreation and hiking in the Kuci mountains or simply enjoy swimming in the glacial lakes and mountain reflections in them. The special atmosphere is cruising on Lake Skadar, watching lake landscape or meditation on the banks of one of the five rivers in "a city on the water ".

Podgorica is a modern and young European city that boasts top athletes and talented artists, diverse cuisine and excellent wines. Gastro offer is a mix of Mediterranean and continental cuisine and a rich national wine offer of local premium quality wines.

Podgorica is located in the central part of Montenegro and as the capital it represents the administrative, economic, cultural and academic center of the country. Ideal location, easy accessibility and favorable mild climate favors visits throughout the year, and make Podgorica attractive destination for all types of visitors.

Podgorica is open and dynamic city and the center of events and fun . Whether you walk downtown, drink coffee at noon in the sunny gardens of pubs and restaurants, or spend an evening at a disco or club, you will feel the atmosphere and the pulse of the city, that is interesting both the day and the night .

We are expecting you!

TBP - profile

  • Tourist Board Podgorica is established in 2005. after the enactment of the tourism organizations.
  • The main work is based on the realization of the public interest in tourism.
  • Revenue is generated through tourist tax and a membership contribution (contribution covers all legal entities that operate in the territory of Podgorica).

TBP transforms in a very powerful economic and strategic partner in the corporate sector.

Strategic Goals

  • Improvement and promotion of the original value of the town.
  • Creating the conditions for activation of tourism resources in the municipality.
  • Initiating, coordinating and organizing cultural, artistic, economic, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment of the tourist product.
  • Initiating, coordinating and organizing actions related at the protection and preservation of the tourist area, the environment and cultural heritage.
  • Promotion of the tourist product in accordance with the strategy of promotion of Montenegrin tourism at national and local level.
  • Fix the overall image of the city and focus on the already established cooperation with some European cities.
  • Existing benefits of Podgorica, like tourist sites, should be used for better promotion of the tourist image of the city, and directed to the formation of distinctive tourist product of the city.

Address: Ulica Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535
Fax: +382 20 667 536
E-mail: info@podgorica.travel
Web: www.podgorica.travel


Tatjana Popovic Dmitrović
Director of Tourism Board

Address: Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535; +382 20 667 536
E-mail: tanja.popovic@podgorica.travel

Vesna Dedic 
Advisor for financial and administrative jobs 

Address: Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535; +382 20 667 536
E-mail: vesna.dedic@podgorica.travel

Biserka Stamatović
Manager for Development Projects

Address: Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535; +382 20 667 536
E-mail: biserka.stamatovic@podgorica.travel

Tamara Radusinović
PR Manager

Address: Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535; +382 20 667 536
E-mail: tamara.radusinovic@podgorica.travel

Milinko Ostojic
Marketing and advertising manager

Address: Slobode 47
Tel: +382 20 667 535; +382 20 667 536
E-mail: milinko.ostojic@podgorica.travel