Wine tourism

At thirty kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, near Skadar Lake, almost indefinitely extend the rows of vine with grape vines, which at around 2,310 acres form one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe - Cemovsko field, owned by Plantaže.
The vineyards are on one side bordered by the Cijevna river, which is seeking its way to the Moraca river and the sea broke through the primeval rocks and draft one small picturesque canyon. Although the vineyard parcels are huge and apart from each other, the visitors were able to go around it completely, with a glass of sparkling wine and a light ride on a tourist train that glides through this wine-growing empire, which grows 29 different grape varieties, among which the most important indigenous Montenegrin varieties: vranac and krstac. Vranac is the undisputed ruler of Cemovsko field, occupying two-thirds of the vineyards.

Address:  Put Radomira Ivanovića 2
Tel: +382 20 658 027, +382 20 658 028 +382 20 658 052

"WINE ROUTE", which is organised by the company "13.Jul-Plantaže"

Opening the door of a magnificent cellar Šipčanik for all visitors and including our programs in Your offer, we enable tourists to experience an entire region in the framework of a single wine house, which improves the overall tourist offer of Montenegro, affirming it as a wine country.

All who visit our cellar Šipčanik have the opportunity to experience the unique ambiance of impressive wine cellar in Europe, enjoying the unforgettable smells and tastes - the "bouquet" of Montenegro. For individual visits, tourists have a choice of two programs stacking wine and food, from 10 euro to 30 euro, and the price includes a ride through the vineyards by tourist train. For groups larger than 10 people we have special tastings, matching wine and culinary specialities of our restaurants, as well as the ability to organise cocktail parties and various celebrations.

PROGRAM WINE ROAD at .pdf format.

Address: Put Radomira Ivanovića 2
Tel: +382 20 444 125, +382 67 099 099

The offer of sports and recreational equestrian center "Vranac"

I. Hour recreational riding (active riding for 60 min), the presence of the instructor is € 30.00

II. The riding school for a period of 24 hours (the duration of one hour is 45 minutes. Active riding), guided by an instructor riding. Price: € 240.00


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Podgorica region has several wine cellars and wineries of local producers.


Winemakers from the area of ​​the municipality of Podgorica

Vinarija Krgović, Rogami
Tel: +382 67 677 701

Vinarija Vučinić, Zenta, selo Rogami
Tel: +382 67 831 321 

Rajko Pejović, Gornji Kokoti 
Tel: +382 67 509 899

Aleksandar Bogojević, Stanisavljevići 
Tel: +382 67 533 001

Nedjeljko Burzanović, Draževina 
Tel: +382 68 039 602

Vinogradi i podrum Rajkovića, selo Ubli
Tel: +382 69 014 382

Vinarija Burić, Pavlovina
Tel: +382 67 323 231

Vinarija Ivanović Zorana, Doljani
Tel: +382 69 274 699

Vinarija Asanović Dražena, Donji Kokoti
Tel: +382 67 870 067

Vinarija Mijušković Gorana, Podgorica
Tel: +382 69 590 094

Vinarija Brković, Farmaci
Tel: +382 69 015 018

Monte Siraz, Kakaritska Gora
Tel: +382 69 305 305

Đeodva Tajna 
Tel: +382 69 012 403