Cruising on Lake Skadar provides enjoying the natural beauty of the lake, its marshy shores covered with reeds, water lilies and water caltrop, numerous islands, cultural and historical monuments. Beautiful, secluded beaches and swimming in the lake are part of this adventure.Driving traditional wooden boats has become a type of tourist offer.

Cruising is organized by licensed entrepreneurs. Boats leave from the docks in Vranjina, Virpazar and Plavnica.

Sport fishing is a great attraction on the Lake Skadar for fishermen who have the opportunity to try their luck and catch one of the many fish species. We recommend you to catch fish but also to give it back to Lake.

The three most popular types of fish are: carp, bleak and eel.

Sport fishing on Lake Skadar requires daily or annual sport fishing license, which can be purchased at the National Park in Vranjina and visitor centers. In the period from March 15th - June 1st fishing is banned!