Lake Skadar



Lake Skadar is one of the most important tourism resources of Montenegro and Podgorica. It is natural gem, the origin of civilization, medieval spiritual and cultural center.

The rich flora and fauna, the phenomenon of crypto-depression,the settlement for rare and endangered species of birds, make it unique in the region and beyond. Visitors have a lot of satisfaction and opportunities for recreation.There are hiking trails, bike or shuttle type boat, bike, beach holiday, a visit to the island's churches and monasteries...

You will learn a lot about the same, eternal  life of  fishermen in the visitor`s centers in the National Parks in Vranjina, in Murići and  the river Crnojevića.

Vranjina Visitor`s Center

Vranjina Visitor`s Center is a unique place where you can get all information about national parks in Montenegro.It`s located in Vranjina in the building of the NP Lake Skadar.

Through exhibits,characteristic fauna, flora, cultural heritage, audio and video presentations,it presents the natural and cultural values of national parks of Montenegro.

A gallery with exhibits of nature, reliefs of national parks of Montenegro, ethnic room and gift shop are located within the Visitor`s center.

Address: Vranjina bb
Tel: +382 20 879 103

The most important monasteries on Lake Skadar are: Starcevo , Beška and Moracnik and are named after the island on which they were built.


It is located near the Beška and elderly Gorica. The monastery was built before 1417, when Balsa III , the son of Jelena Balšić and grandson of Prince Lazar, issued him endowed charter. The island is dedicated to the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin with three hands , with the chapel of St. John of Damascus and the Church of the Transfiguration at the top of the island.


The oldest of the monasteries that were built by Balšići on Lake Skadar. It was built between 1376 and 1378. Church of the temple is dedicated to the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God. The monastery church is a small one-nave, triconch structure with a central dome and later built a narthex and an open porch . The monastery complex is surrounded by a high wall with a gate .


This monastery has two churches: the older, dedicated to St. George and younger, dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. There are no accurate data about the construction of the old church , but it is assumed that Đurađ Stracimirovic Balšic was its founder and it dates from the late 14th century. Like Starcevo, monastery Beška also played a significant role in the spiritual life of Zeta, as the intensive transcribing took place there. The famous Hexaemero of old man Nikon of Jerusalem was created from 1439 to 1440 in  the monastery's scriptorium,as well as  Antology of Gorica  from 1441 to 1442.

Lake Skadar is crypto-depression - what means that some parts of lakebed are below sea level. These are so called. " eyes " (underwater spring holes), of which the deepest one Raduš is 60 m deep, and it is famous fishing spot. The average depth of the lake is about 5 meters.

The worldwide trend bird watching is available in our country.

Popular birdwatching can take place on Lake Skadar –at five ornithological stations (Monastirska tapija, Grmozur, Omer Gorica, Crni zar, Pancevo oko).

Enjojment is comleted by watching Dalmatian pelican, cormorant colonies – otherwise the second largest species in Europe, and many specimens of 270 species of birds.

Cruising on Lake Skadar provides enjoying the natural beauty of the lake, its marshy shores covered with reeds, water lilies and water caltrop, numerous islands, cultural and historical monuments. Beautiful, secluded beaches and swimming in the lake are part of this adventure.Driving traditional wooden boats has become a type of tourist offer.

Cruising is organized by licensed entrepreneurs. Boats leave from the docks in Vranjina, Virpazar and Plavnica.

Sport fishing is a great attraction on the Lake Skadar for fishermen who have the opportunity to try their luck and catch one of the many fish species. We recommend you to catch fish but also to give it back to Lake.

The three most popular types of fish are: carp, bleak and eel.

Sport fishing on Lake Skadar requires daily or annual sport fishing license, which can be purchased at the National Park in Vranjina and visitor centers. In the period from March 15th - June 1st fishing is banned!

Hiking is all ages activity. Walking through nature that awakens in the spring is a paradise for those who appreciate peace and quiet, relaxing holiday. For hikers, there are dozens of kilometers of marked trails, from a bit demanding to rugged. Discover the hidden details and experience the spectacular landscapes from lookout while moving on the marked trails. The trails are marked and labeled, so that visitors can use them. National Park suggest hiring a trained interpreter, and for larger groups even two.

Map of trails can be purchased at all the centers of Lake Skadar.