The monuments

One of older symbols of the city. The finest example of architecture from the Turkish period is certainly the Sahat kula(Clock Tower).

It still dominates the area of Stara Varoš with its height (16 m). It was built in the 18th century by Hafis Pasha.

Extremely significant examples of oriental architecture, which form and primary purpose slightly changed over time, are the mosques of Osmanagic and Glavatovic, then the old Hamam, later turned into a public bathroom, and today is below the newly built bridge over the river Ribnica (Banja -Spa), and finally Turkish jail, and then the Montenegrin state prison, which was named Jusovaca after Podgorica`s recluse, Jusa Mucin Krnjic.

The medieval fortress at the mouth of the rivers Ribnica and Moraca, where Stefan Nemanja was born.

The oldest source that mentions the name Ribnica is " Life of St. Simeon ", written in 1216 , which says that Stefan Nemanja was born in Zeta on Ribnicia. Ribnica probably was not a town at the time of Nemanja's birth, but a small village - a temporary residence of Nemanja`s father Zavida. Existence of the St. George Church fom that period confirms that there was some kind of settlement at the mouth of Ribnica, at the end of XI or XII century. The existing fortress was probably built by Turks between 1474 and 1478. From this Turkish construction, from the first time use of firearms, it seems that only a portion of the wall with five-sided tower and triangular protruding part that has also played a role towers remained unchanged until today. It is possible that these parts are even older. Other parts are later easily redecorated. It was originally designed and moat in front of the fortress, which was probably linking the banks of the rivers Moraca i Zeta.

Because of archeological  researcehes, visit to the site is not possible to further.

People from Podgorica especially love this favorite romantic place that began to be called more popularly Steps by younger generation. The old stone bridge at the mouth of Ribnica and Moraca is always popular hangout of lovers, gathering place of young but also the old, who are seeking refreshment in a pleasant natural ambiance in the center of the river during hot summer months when the temperature is a few degrees lower than in the hot city asphalt.

Sunset from the "Podgorica's breathtaking bridge" is something that can't be forgotten.

The former Winter Palace of King Nikola I Petrovic is surrounded by a beautiful forest park and during the summer months it represents  a sort of  art and exhibition scene and one of the favorite places of  citizens. There is also the Church of Saint Demetrius.

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